Monday, November 28, 2011

Delving into the Primordial

The Undara project is a loose constellation of musicians and artists hailing from Portugal. Setting an interdisciplinary path through musical arcanum and artistic obscurity their journey of discovery leads into a dark and unknown wilderness, tripping over smoldering rocks and stumbling over the very roots of mankind's origin. Hear the distant call of the untamed lands and feel the beckoning of long forgotten places to which mankind rarely chooses to venture. Rumour also has it that a new album is nearing completion.

Undara - Perpetual motion by Undara

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The mystery that is music

Recent scientific theory and particle experiments are now challenging long accepted truths about our perception of the very world we inhabit. As mankind gazes further into space and our past the questions become more urgent and challenging. What is our origin and what is the nature of the universe, the very fabric holding life, matter and time together? Among academic disciplines and dogmatic faiths, our tertöns are striving to find the lost treasures, and among them Mathias has chosen the path of music as an insight into our cosmos. Find out more about the Aural Alchemy sessions here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bedding down for the winter ahead

As darkness once again descends upon the northern hemisphere a host of inspired tertöns strived out into the cold in search of an inner light. Several paths intertwined at the foot of Mount Meru where the quest for wisdom eventually lead to several audiences with the Four Heavenly Kings, guardians and watchers of the world. Along the path home a number of tertöns lost themselves in the vast Himalayan range only to resurface in distant valleys and isolated villages. A wealth of knowledge and gterma is now slowly being recovered and we can expect to see the fruits of the hard labor over the coming months. Even now, fragmentary tones and notes have been carried here by a distant wind.