Friday, August 19, 2011

Report: "Il Silenzio di Dio" released on Databloem

I know I am not alone in having waited eagerly for the release of "Il Silenzio di Dio" and now it is finally here. Gianluigi's performance in the Calabrian village of Archiaro in 2008 forms the basis of what appears to be a slightly melancholic and psychedelic minimalistic ambient journey. Let's hope we will see more of our Italian friend and ambinaut in the future. Visit Databloem for more information and allow yourself to be sucked into the samples available on soundcloud.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revisiting an old and mysterious friend

Home to man's pantheons of gods and various immortal beings, a giant sphere on which sit attached the brightest lights of the night sky, sparkling next to ominous towering clouds of majestic low pressure systems. The scattered threads of reddish clouds quickly race across the evening glare as day fades to night. The sky retains its grip on man's imagination, challenging our boundaries as the great beyond is beckoning in the distance.

[gterma002] : Mathias Grassow - Sky by the lost gterma

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent findings: the Nirmanakaya chronicles have been disclosed

A travelling tertön has returned from distant lands. Over the course of a long journey he suddenly found himself on a small footpath wandering through a secluded ravine, not recalling what had brought him there. The following days invited the lone tertön to explore an old world, a place renounced by modern man as myth, and the experience was not without peril. However, strong forces of light oversaw his wellbeing and safe return to our own domain, and he rejoined us with many stories to tell. The soundworld of Nirmanakaya is unlike most things we encountered before and like the hidden world itself, it defies description.

[gterma006] : Nirmanakaya - Nirmanakaya by the lost gterma

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mystery revealed : gterma proudly presents "Rupa Loka" by Indo

As we reported earlier, our tertöns have been busy analyzing and structuring the wealth of information brought back from the Rupa Loka through Indo's revealing sound-exploration two years ago. In an attempt to compile and give an overview of this boundless and seemingly dreamlike realm forever barred to us lesser beings, gterma is happy to present an album of condensed soundscapes bringing alive this beautiful world among veiled and towering mountains. The album is now available for ordering, please see our order info page for more information.

[gterma001] : Indo - Rupa Loka by the lost gterma