Saturday, January 7, 2012

Report: Peter Hennix' epic rudra veena album "Ocean" reissued

The news have just reached gterma that the album "Ocean" by Peter Hennix has again risen from the ashes of obscurity. Originally released on CDr on new age label Sangha Records in 2004 this precious work is now again being made available commercially in digital format. Performed on the Rudra Veena, an ancient Indian classical instrument more or less phased out today, "Ocean" once again returns to life in its majestic and mind-altering splendor and comes most strongly recommended. Please visit Sangha curator Franciska von Koch's blog for more information.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A second coming

Last year's expeditions into the musical realm resulted in a sizeable quantity of hidden treasures being recovered. The painstaking process of interpreting and carefully deciphering this terma is now drawing to its close. The beginning of the year will see an interesting start and gterma wishes to thank all the tertöns for their hard work and inspired research.