Is there indeed enlightenment to be found through the pursuit of musical treasures? The answer is for each to decide. Meanwhile our fellow tertöns, seekers of treasures lost, are walking alongside on the path ahead.

Mathias Grassow : Musical Shaman. Perhaps mostly known for his longform drone works and the long era of working alongside Klaus Wiese, Mathias now focuses his experience in the field where mind and musical harmonies interact. Firmly entrenched in the energy of the rugged Northern European environment where he attempts to harness and channel its energies into spontaneous musical creations.

Parikrama : Ancient Wanderers. Much like the dreary spirits and demons that inhabited the Himalayas before the era of heavenly enlightenment, the Parikrama project floats in the dreamy sphere where light and darkness collide, like fragile ice crystals torn to shreds by an unrelentless blizzard, leaving glittering shards in the thick snow. The engimatic duo was last seen tirelessly circling Mount Kailash in search of higher revelations.

Indo/Urenga : Lost in History. Inspired by the mythical as well as the lost cultures of our World this Hungarian ambient project opens the doors to civilizations and places forgotten by time. Urenga takes things a bit further, creating an aural sensation of a living, breathing world somewhere in the borderlands between dub techno and ambient.

Seetyca : Depth Defined. German drone-maestro Seetyca can look back on a formidable catalogue of deep, hypnotic and minimal ambient dronescapes balancing the line between light and darkness. Besides Parikrama he also runs a very notable series of collaborations together with Etheocles Stevens.

Solar Ocean : Endlessly Adrift. Longform ethereal soundscapes recognized by their crackling warm deepness are the works through which the gterma audience will meet this enigmatic young Russian drone-scaper. As of October 2012, the Solar Ocean project is journeying in the Bardo, and we are wishing Eugene all the best in his future treasure hunt while we stand by to find its new reincarnation.

Havdis -  Last Outpost. From within the depths of a crisp starry sky to travelling a lost world enshrouded in thick fog, the harsh climate of Northern Scandinavia lends itself as a recurring theme in this Norwegian arctic project. Sombre music, intimate and dreamy, like the small hours of the night.

Earth Vibration - Vibrant synthesis. Perhaps better known as DJ Infra in the storming trance community the Earth Vibration side project draws from different electronic downtempo and experimental styles. Deep music influenced by dub, ambient with mesmerizing rhythm and traditional percussion is the result.

Undara - Bound for the Roots. A loose constellation of Portuguese artists form the backbone of the mystical band Undara, a musical expression with emphasis on the marrying of modern and traditional instrumentation. Deeply sublime mysticism and aural soundscapes with a dusty and primordial touch.

Nirmanakaya : Interdisciplinary Mind. This young Russian talent has a true feel for musical alchemy. From his hideout beyond the Urals he paints his strange audioscapes which are bubbling with influences from several genres all fused together into a unique vision of the Buddhist tradition.

A.P : Ghost of all Tomorrows. Apparently a free roaming spectre from the grey inbetween, normally at the helm of the renowned record label Ghost Sounds. A frail wooden spirit catcher proved a most handy way in subduing his talent for the greater good. Through his valued assistance all the sounds discovered by the gterma collective take new depth and form through elaborate post-processing.

mr_rehn : Treasure Seeker. When not actively participating in the search I am charged with chronicling and publishing all treasures discovered by the gterma collective. On a personal quest to rediscover the lost Kingdom of the Naga.