Saturday, June 25, 2011

Visions of the Rupa Loka

Beyond our human plane of existence lie the many other worlds of the Kama Loka; a sphere we share with the devas or suras, benevolent supernatural beings that have advanced closer toward the state of nirvana than we have. Further along the road to enlightenment are the sixteen worlds of the fine-material world, the Rupa Loka. The spheres here are mainly populated by blissful and graceful beings, in the higher abodes we also find the Arhats and remarkable beings that exist in a state of pure unconsciousness. Glimmers and visions of this tranquil and serene environment have now reached our civilization for us to enjoy. Stay tuned for the full report.

[gterma001] : Indo - Valley of the Dragon by the lost gterma

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Report: Encounters with the naga

The phaya naga fireballs of the Mekong river is a phenomenon well known throughout Thailand and Laos. The expulsion of red fireballs from the river itself is seen as evidence of the occurrence of giant snakelike creatures living underneath the murky surface. Conflicting sources normally place the nagas in the Mekong, the sunken city of Bhogavati in Nagaland or within the ethereal Himmapan forest itself. Tertöns recently unveiled texts which they deciphered only partially and it led a researcher to the greater Krung Thep area. The nagas continue to elude man, yet at times both tertön and consort have reported a strange premonition while at sea in the area.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Report: Snow Lion sightings

Strange reports are coming in from villages in the Karakorum Range. It would appear that over the past six months there have been multiple and seemingly coincidental observations of creatures with a striking similarity to the legendary Snow Lion, a proud creature long banished from the earthly realm. Though the majority of observations took place during the late winter the snow covered ground appears to have been undisturbed in each and every location. No substantial evidence supports these claims, and a tertön present in the area has not been able to corroborate the findings.