Saturday, October 26, 2013

Report: New Urenga EP "Mantha" out on Retrospective Zoology

Hot on the heels of the recent Echinoderm EP comes a new EP length four-tracker from our Hungarian friend, this time on the Slovenian label Retrospective Zoology. Mantha consists of two longer tracks and two remixes of the title track by Adam Kroll and Coppice Halifax. The release is available as digital only through the label's bandcamp page.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pushing the shroud of darkness away

As a seemingly impenetrable mass of liquid clouds have descended upon Scandinavia for the past couple of days we're letting off a defiant scream and stubbornly attempt to lift the heavy skies at least a bit, in an effort to catch the fading light at the horizon. I know I am not the only one who has patiently awaited these albums and I hope that they will assist in lifting the seemingly endless darkness of autumn.

[gterma028] : Alexander Saykov - Mistral (out now)

One of last year's highlights on the digital scene was the Mistral album, a beautiful and introspective piece which much like its namesake sweeps in like a strong chilling wind from the north. The forceful tempo of the mistral also leaves a strong touch of melancholy and serenity following in its wake. Originally released on Cold Tear Records last autumn the gterma edition has been continuously mixed and expanded upon. Comes in a jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

[gterma033] : Havdis - Nightbreeze (out now)

Havdis and gterma would once again like to welcome all listeners back to the northern hinterlands, to experience the magnificent colours of the long summer nights, the strange shapes of the peculiar rocky landscape and the inward journey into the expansive ocean of the mind. Ten introspective pieces of twilight music. Album in jewelcase with a 16-page booklet.
[gterma034] : Mathias Grassow - Tamanoshima (out now)

Travels on dim ethereal oceans of mystery should be familiar waters to those of you who have been following gterma for some time now. On Tamanoshima, Mathias brings us into unchartered vistas for a slightly mindbending and hypnotic journey into minimal soundworlds. A warm and glowing drift based on material composed in the summer of 2013. Album comes in the regular jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Report: Alexander Saykov's "Cold Front" out on Spaceal Orbeats

Our young Russian friend Alexander Saykov has a new digital only EP out on Spaceal Orbeats. "Cold Front" is deep and lush soundscapes of the same calibre as we saw on last year's Mistral album and is available as a free/name-your price download through bandcamp. And speaking of Mr. Saykov, our delayed album is currently in the bowels of the pressing plant and we eagerly look forward to the end of the long wait.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A lesson in impermanence...

Who would have thought that the 100th post on this page would concern a grim lesson in the finitude of all things of shape and form (and perhaps even more so, the things that are not represented as part of the tangible part of the universe).

We thank the creators for this timely reminder of the impermanence of all entities and begin to pick up the pieces from here. Some small delays will undoubtedly be the result of our dealing with a now slumbering digital archive.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Engulfed by October

Yes, it is that time of year again, when the last of the migratory birds have given up on the season and headed for their winter habitats. The rest of us up here prepare to ride out yet another dark season and here at label hq we've been quite busy as of late. The first batch of releases has begun the manufacturing process and we hope to see these out in a couple of weeks from now. There should also be time for one more wave of release as we get closer to Christmas. For now, let us just pull a blanket over our heads and await the coming of November...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Late night listening: Undara featured on latest Hypnagogue podcast

Our Portuguese friends Undara are featured on this week's Hypnagogue podcast, which has a decidedly tribal feel, in fact sitting next to a track by the wonderful mystery band Penjaga Isaf whose recent album on Loki sublabel Power & Steel has been getting a lot of spins around the gterma headquarters. Anyways, lots well known acts featured in this podcast which could be a source of inspiration for those who wish to dwell deeper into the other side of ambient. The podcast can be found on the Hypnagogue website.