Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Report: Anders Peterson remastering the City Nightlights album

As many of our listeners probably know, A.P has been laying a delicate mastering touch on most of the gterma albums. When Anders is not busying himself with mastering work he also runs his own Ghost Sounds label. Currently he is at work remastering one title from the catalogue, the wonderful and subdued City Nightlights album which has been a longtime gterma favourite. Anders toys with the idea of releasing the updated album with a couple of bonus tracks. For now, he has presented two of the remastered tracks on the Ghost Sounds soundcloud page. This music was made for late night listening sessions.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Report: "First Gift of Life" released on Databloem

http://databloem.com/home/641-mathias-grassow-first-gift-of-life.htmlSome listeners may remember the "Second Gift of Life" released in 2012 on the Dutch Databloem label. Here, in perfect inverted sequential order comes the follow up to that album, which the label describes as a one hour drifting drone piece. No soundclips are up at present, but curious minds would do well to keep an eye on the album by following this link.