Friday, October 21, 2011

A long tradition of seekers

The search for the hidden gterma is a process started many hundreds of years ago. In the case of Pema Lingpa, the famous treasure seeker from Bhutan, it all begun with a vision at Yige Drukma. Tertön Pema Lingpa, born in the Bhumtang valley in the middle of the fifteenth century, had an encounter with the great Guru Rinpoche on an autumn day in the year of the monkey. Guru Rinpoche revealed to Pema Lingpa the knowledge of 108 gtermas, hidden in time and space by the great guru himself. Although the famous tertön is said to have captured the entire essence of all these treasures, fact remains that during his lifetime he only actually discovered about half of the them. The tertöns of our modern era continue the search in locations beyond. Today we all commemorate the revelation at Yige Drukma.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turning our backs on mother sun...

Yes, it is that time of year again, when for some bizarre and misanthropic reason our host terra refuses to turn its axis toward the sun, thus sending those of us in the northern hemisphere into the season of darkness and gloom. Our trees zip up and the smarter birds head for Africa while the rest of us don darker and thicker fabrics in an effort to keep out the cold. The tertöns up north bid the warm season a hearty farewell with the recent track "Autumn" presented by Urenga, the dub-techno alias of our trusted Hungarian compatriot Indo.

Autumn -- preview -- [Gterma 012] by Urenga