Sunday, June 30, 2013

Report: New album by Mathias Grassow on Practising Nature

And so here is also the latest Practising Nature-album "Tara" by Mathias Grassow, a three part suite running for about 70 minutes. One must say that it has that evergreen minimalistic Mathias Grassow/Klaus Wiese sound with lots of singing bowls. "Tara" is dedicated to the two recently departed ambient community profiles Gianluigi Gasparetti and Nextera label mastermind Kristian Kotarac. The album is obtainable primarily through Practising Nature's distributor Databloem whose shop is currently in holiday mode, orders are planned to be shipped out by mid July.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Report: New albums by Oöphoi on Practising Nature

Following the departure of Gianluigi works of his are beginning to appear posthumously on labels and with artists whom he worked with. Earlier this spring a collaborative album together with Ran Kirlian surfaced on  Spanish label Altera Orbe titled "The Physics of Heaven". And as we enter the summer month of June the Dutch label Practising Nature, with a history of reissuing many of Gigis past Umbra releases now also sees two new and hitherto unreleased albums. Click the album covers to reach their respective pages with som samples attached.

Here is what the label says about the two releases: "Not long before his passing Oophoi gave us the recordings of two, previously unreleased parts from the "I Hear" trilogy. Part one "I Hear The Water Dreaming" was a collaboration with Louisa John-Krol and released in 2005. The other parts "I Hear The Wind Singing" and "I Hear The Woods Whispering" were initially meant for further collaboration but for some reason this never came off the ground. On Gigi's request we edited and released the basic tracks, with artwork from his beloved wife Alessandra. Both albums showcase, in retrospect, Oophoi's talents for creating aural paintings of nature in a pure and soothing way."

Stay tuned also for a new album by Mathias to surface on Practising Nature soon, called "Tara".

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Report: New EP by As If on Biorecordings

Our Danish friend Kenneth has been busy lately, and out a few days ago is a new digital EP published on the Italian Biorecordings label. The release features both delicate and lush ambience as well as the more pulsating dubtech-sound, both which were found on last year's "Faraway Trees..." album. The digital release is available through some digital distributors such as Beatport and Juno. If you are considering a purchase, remember to keep an eye on the various file formats offered on each platform. AS IF - Lines From The Past Ep by Biorecordings

And since we are on the topic of Biorecordings... the label has several interesting artists in its catalogue, mostly sitting somewhere in the dubtech/ambient range. It feels only natural to remind Urenga fans to check out Andras' compilation appearance "Warming Ocean" on the label's first compilation EP released in 2011. If you enjoyed the sound on "After Rain" this should be right up your alley as well; the hypnotic, dreamy draw of the ocean. Urenga - Warming Ocean [VA Biology 001] (Biorecordings) | Out now on Beatport! by Urenga