Sunday, October 28, 2012

Solar Ocean goes under

As of October the Solar Ocean project has gone under the surface and is now swimming in the murky depths of the Bardo. it is yet too early to tell if this is a complete write-off or a prolonged hiatus, thought something tells me we have not seen the last of young Eugene's musical wanderings. While we anticipate his possible future resurfacing he has left behind a collection of loose ends on soundcloud.

Goodbye, Solar Ocean by Solar Ocean

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just landed...

Today we had the very first snow of the season, and with it the arrival of two scheduled flights, the former delayed due to unfavourable weather enroute. Please inspect the arrivals board below for more information. The airline extends it apologies for any inconvenience.

[gterma018] : Patterns Of The Sky - The Long Flight (out now)

Looming underneath these towering creatures we normally refer to as clouds, it is easy to stop and stare with fascination and introspection at their cyclic drifting across the heavens. The pattern looks much the same from above, watching these silent skyriders fall prey to unrelenting winds, sweeping them away underneath and above, while they muster all their strength to stay with the sun. The Long Flight is a retrospective glance down the ambient side of Texas based project Patterns of the Sky and comes in a jewelcase with 16 page booklet.

[gterma021] : Last Industrial Estate - Last Industrial Estates (out now)

Last Industrial Estate is one of the various projects of Anders Peterson of Ghost Sound and gterma fame, a warm and melancholic twist upon the dark ambient canvas. LIEs is an ode to the remnants of the industrial era and expands upon of the self-titled album released on Kalpamantra netlabel earlier this summer. The album now features a more sinister edge which stands out like a jet-black pool of oil upon an overlooked dusty tarmac. Album in jewelcase with 16 page booklet.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October Tidings

Two new releases out to celebrate that the dark season is throwing its misty veil all over. We aim to have a few more releases out later this autumn, keep an eye open for more good tidings as the umbra gets more dense over us.

[gterma015] : Peter Hennix - Ocean (Out now)  

Originally released in 2004 this remarkable album presents a flow of ambience carried ashore on the ethereal waves of a mysterious but recurring tide. Based around the ancient Indian rudra veena instrument this is a warm flood you do not want to ebb out. "Ocean" is produced in cooperation with Sangha Records and presented in memoriam to this talented musician. Album comes in a jewelcase with a 16-page booklet.

[gterma020] : Mathias Grassow - Bloodmoon (Out now)

As the harvest season is over the cold and dark autumn is already creeping upon us. In October, the Hunter's Moon sits high atop the sky, bathing the landscape in its eerie bright light. The hunters would welcome this change which gives them a better chance of catching their next prey. Meanwhile, the people sit by candle light in their cottages on the edge of the forest, awaiting their soon return. Deep inside the woods, others bide their time. Album in jewelcase with 16 page booklet.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Report: new boreal sounds from Havdis...

As the game for resource domination continues into the 21st century the global powers turn and lift each and every stone in their quest to satisfy the needs of their hungry markets, like Passerines feeding their young in the summer nest. Living and working on the northern fringes of Scandinavia means that our Norwegian friend Havdis is close to the events now unfolding in the Arctic. Powerful players seek to claim and extract precious materials from the seabed and meanwhile the ice cap keeps on melting. Arcticmantra is a haunting soundscape from the frozen vistas of the north and a poignant reminder of a world that may well disappear in a near future.

Arcticmantra (let us keep the ice) by havdis