Saturday, February 25, 2012

Report: "Floating Island" mini-album out now on Stasis Recordings

With a new album "After Rain" just around the corner, gterma profile Urenga (a.k.a. Indo) has just released a new mini-album on the Canadian digital label Stasis Recordings. A bubbly laid back ambient/dub techno hybrid afloat somewhere on a tide that has carried it far away from any recognizable land. Hypnotic soundscapes from our much talented Hungarian friend. You can listen to harmonious and trippy previews on the release's bandcamp page. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming full length album on gterma.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Re-entering the Zone

This year winter hesitated long before deciding to visit us here in Scandinavia. We were soaked in cold rain and the world around us disappeared in a fog under endlessly grey skies promising more of the same. When it finally did show up, it brought unusually cold temperatures and snow as if to compensate for the initial disappointment. Once again ambient explorer Havdis has captured a piece of it and channeled the crystalline glare of the small hours into a magnificent pice of music.

Nightbreeze by havdis

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Worm signs

Thai news agency TAN reports that a farmer in Nakhon Ratchasima province claims to have been visited by the enigmatic and much reverred Naga, the giant snakelike creatures normally thought to inhabit Mekong river. Mr. Kangkaranok reports that his workers had recently finished constructing an 8 meter deep water reservoir in the swampland adjacent to his plantation when fresh snake-like impressions were discovered in the area near the pool. The impressions left in the mud suggested an 80-centimeter wide and 18-meter long creature had rested there. Mr. Kangkaranok is convinced that this is a sign of immense fortune for his family.

The hunt is on!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Released from the clutches of the ancient dragon...

Xin nian kuai le, the Chinese New Year celebrations are over and we are happy to report that the old creature has finally let go of his prize and decided to share his insights with us. And what better way to open up the Year of the Dragon? We have received several new items which are now available for order. We extend our gratitude for the artists who have gone to great lengths to decipher these hidden terma. Follow the links below for more information and samples.

[gterma004] : Solar Ocean - Enter Serenity

Adrift on an endless ocean, suspended into mellow water gently rocking you to sleep. Each wave carries you further from land and into a twilight existence, the sun warming your face and the water sending a million glittering reflections into your gaze. The result is a mini-album of serene ambient soundscapes with a harrowing undertone. Comes in a jewelcase with a 12-page booklet.

[gterma007] : Indo - Winter In Zangla

Indo returns with a harrowing and cold narrative of Hungarian explorer and Orientalist Csoma de Körös' long journey to Zanskar valley where he studied the mysteries of the Tibetan language and Buddhist wisdom in the 1820s. Journey with us through the narrow mountain passes into the secluded villages at the foot of the Himalayas under the watchful eye of King Virudhaka. Comes in a jewelcase with a 12-page booklet.

[gterma009] : Parikrama - The Silent Bōn

Long before Buddhism spread into the Himalayas the region was at the mercy of frightening spirits and powerful divinities.Seetyca and Artin Mucht join the bonpo shamans in search for traces of the old faith, now consumed by the benevolent teachings of Lord Buddha. These are stark aural landscapes with a mystic touch, yet clear as crystalline ice. Allow yourself to be lost in the world of Parikrama. The album comes in a jewelcase with a 12-page booklet.

[gterma010] : Mathias Grassow - Alchemystery

Freestyle recordings are the order of the day as Mathias treads an improvised path into the colourful and enigmatic realms of the ever present mystery that is music. Traditionalists and purists beware, these sound sculptings will challenge any drone-ambient prejudice. Double album comes in a jewelcase with a 16-page booklet. Read more about the Alchemy Sessions on the Path of the Shaman page.