Ordering info

Our releases are currently available through the following channels:

The entire gterma catalogue is normally available via Databloem mailorder and distribution, and is also an excellent source for many other ambient and experimental labels (including Databloem itself of course).

If you have a user account you can find our releases via our Discogs store. Ongoing problems with double taxation means we have limited Discogs sales to the EU zone. Please note that the shop may be closed from time to time due to other commitments.

Due to the nature of our catalogue only some albums are available via our bandcamp page. Others can be found via artists or previous labels. Items listed as CD+Digital below will include both formats, please contact us directly to order these as they are not purchasable directly via Bandcamp.

If you do not wish to register with any of the above sites you can also get in touch with us directly via email and let us know what you would like to order. Please see the item availability and prices below.

gterma uses regular mail service for all smaller orders. Shipping costs follow the Swedish mail tariff. Rates will be converted from Swedish krona (SEK) to Euro at the time of order. Unregistered postage costs as per Swedish mail (www.postnord.se) are subject to change but the below estimates are an indication:

250 grams - €6.50 (1-2 CD's)
500 grams - €9.00 (up to 4 CD's)
1 kg - €15.00 (Depending on title up to 8-9 albums)
2 kgs - €20.00 (depending on titles up to 16-18 albums)

Registered shipping available on request. We can also ship without the jewelcase if you wish to save postage. The disc and artwork will then be sandwiched in cardboard.