Monday, July 1, 2013

Two for the seemingly eternal summer nights

Having passed Midsummer a mere week ago we've now begun the slow descent back into the dark season. Before the chilly embrace of the dark umbra though, we will experience a short but graceful time period which lends itself well to those late night contemplative journeys when you can leave the window open and breathe in the life and light from outside. The latest gterma offerings will also fit like hand in glove in this environment.

[gterma031] : VelgeNaturlig - Húmus (out now)

Portuguese soundscaper VelgeNaturlig has a penchant for creating dramatic soundworlds where the elements interact freely with more complex constructs. His magical album Húmus, originally self-released some nine years ago, is a true gterma favourite and we are delighted to bring it once more into the spotlight where its regal stature can inspire a new generation of listeners. Album comes in jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

[gterma032] : Ashtoreth's Gate - Ashtoreth's Gate (out now)

gterma follows in the wake of Ashtoreth, goddess of love and war, known by many names and cultures. Experienced sonic excavators Lee Norris and Craig Murphy have backtracked her steps through the blue tileworks of the Ishtar Gate and beyond the Temple of Marduk, only to enter a state of inbetween, a possible portal to the very realm of the gods. Journey with us into the unknown. Comes in a jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

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