Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The beating heart of winter

Winter is showing off its darkest of moods but we always find ways to embrace it. Released today are the following two titles, click on each respecitve photo to be taken to their Bandcamp pages for a sample. And stay warm, we are halfway to Spring.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Yes, we are still here...

Indeed, I took out a duster and went in to our largely dormant blogger to inform about our newest album release that just arrived. And now if you'll excuse me I'll just doze off again. Feel free to visit the page below to learn more about the new album, which you can also listen to in full on bandcamp. :)

[gterma058] : Havdis - Fugløya

On a distant shore far from the prying eyes of city nightlights we encounter a bleak and rock-strewn cliffscape, inhabited mainly by small colonies of pelagic birds. It can be an eerie and desolate experience but nowhere is the horizon as vast and at night the skies sing in mysterious colours. Journey with us to this forbidden islet and bring a thick blanket and a thermos of your favourite hot beverage. Comes in jewel case with 8-page booklet.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rustling among the autumn leaves

October is here and we huddle together under the heavy skies and the constant drizzle of cold rain. The dark season is upon us and many a travel will now be started within our own minds. With Mathias' guidance we can undertake this journey without further angst.

[gterma054] : Mathias Grassow - Divinations (Out now)

Divinations is a new chapter in the Alchemy Suite, inspired by man's quest for higher knowledge and his taking to mysticism and obscure practices to find it. The album is sourced from Mathias' archival recordings and has been compiled and mixed by 121. Anders has once again done the mastering and Nina also returns with some more of her thoughtful images. Comes in jewel case with 8-page booklet.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coming out of hibernation

Summer has been really slow to begin this year, in fact apart from a few feelers in May we are still waiting for it to arrive. The birds migrating here by calendar were in for a disappointment. gterma has been waiting out the warm season with a thick blanket overhead. It seems however now is the time to come out of the woodworks with a new album.

[gterma053] : SecondFace - Transitions (out now)

Frank Vilbæk Jensen returns to gterma with a new album based on material from 2016. On Transitions we experience the full register of SecondFace with vivid and colourful musical expressions ranging from ambient to trance and dub techno. The cinematic feeling remains as strong as on the previous album Vega Colony. Album in jewel case with 8-page booklet.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

End of Year adventures

Darkness is closing in on us in November so it is the high season for another type of darker ambient. I must prefer I do prefer the open skies of summer nights but cannot argue the fact that the heavy overcast is also a pleasant backdrop (as long as you stay indoors that is...).

[gterma051] : Silentwave - Daiyuzan (out now)

The temple complex at Daiyuzan Saijoji is but one of many shrines in Japan hidden away among trees and hills. These places offer a welcome change of pace from the busy cities and a chance to experience a very special type of quiet and tranquility. Composer Noguchi Yoshinori paints a minimalistic path along the winding steps that lead through the Daiyuzan grounds. An introspective walk along the remote path that leads to past, present and future. Album in jewel case with 8-page booklet.

[gterma052] : Mathias Grassow - The Nightquest Sessions (out now)

Cold and darkness once again descends upon Northern Europe and we huddle within the walls of our confines, creep up to fireplaces and hide under thick blankets. Those who brave the foreboding climate and venture outside into the blackness find a nocturnal world under heavy clouds, or perhaps find themselves under the scrutinizing gaze of the coldest of piercing starlight. "The Nightquest Sessions", an enigmatic dream by itself, is a trusty partner under these circumstances. Comes in jewel case with 8-page booklet.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer highlights

After a rather wet July the recent week has finally seen a return of the heat, and with it the damp grey clouds floated away to the east. We are once again blessed with a nightsky that is filled with both colours and stars. It is nights like these you never want to be turned into day. Dreams and thoughts collide on a smell of wild flowers and the calls from the young Grebes nearby. We celebrate summer with two new albums.

[gterma047] : Mathias Grassow - The Darklight Quest (out now)

One of the strangest and most fascinating aspects of ambient music is the way it can sometimes morph from sonic wallpaper -where it basically functions as a soundtrack- into an agent of transformation, allowing the reshaping of the perceived world around the listener. Some of Mathias' albums have had this effect on me before, and the Darklight Quest definitely falls into this territory. gterma is happy to shine a light on this now mostly forgotten treasure, originally released as a DIY CDr in 1998.
[gterma049] : Sergey Gabbasov & SiJ - Perseides (out now)

Welcome along on another trip into the forgotten hinterlands of the Eurasian plateau. Sergey and Vladimir once again skillfully guide us through the dusty backwater trails of the Mongol steppe, along the winding mountain roads that slither through the steep valleys of the Central Asian mountain ranges past crumbling old villages where hardship and beauty go hand in hand. No manmade light disturbs the eternal slumber of the starry nightsky and every cave, every hill, seems under the influence of some forgotten deity or spirit being.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Promise of Spring

It seems we have survived through yet another cold season. The grip of the cold is waning and the days start to grow longer. This is a battle that Winter cannot win. We say our thanks and give our offerings.

http://gterma041to060.blogspot.se/p/gterma048-david-parsons-puja.html [gterma048] : David Parsons - Puja (out now)

David Parsons revisits gterma with a new album which was completed in 2015. Although perhaps mainly known for his panoramic and almost cinematic Himalayan soundworlds, on Puja he continues his more recent tradition of travelling the inner horizon. And in so doing, he also invites us listeners to undertake similar journeys of our own. Puja is a mysterious and magic constellation, fuelled by the spirit and discipline of the age old Asian cultures and philosophies. Comes in jewel case with 8-page booklet.