Monday, April 8, 2013

Alright, after an initial delay we are now shipping out the latest batch of releases. We have more in the pipeline scheduled for late May, so keep eyes and ears open.

[gterma019] : Parikrama - Manusyaloka (out now)

The drone tapestries of Parikrama can once again be heard as they have finally materialized here in the Manusyaloka, or our human realm again. After having seemingly phased out of our world the travellers have visited the vast continents circling Mount Meru and on their way back nearly got lost in the thick vegetation of the age old Himmaphan forest, having there encountered bizarre creatures that defy description. Seasoned gterma veterans will know what to expect. Comes in a jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

[gterma022] : Enh - Body Of Blue (out now)

Body of Blue is a very personal form of expression signed Ian Handsley, who moved his operations into an old hotel on the Pacific coast of Japan. From there he has been able to experience the different characters of various types of weather systems forming literally upon his very doorstep. Ian's ethereal soundscapes reach into the otherworld and allow a tired mind to drift into a deep sonic ocean. Album comes in a jewelcase with a 16-page booklet.

[gterma029] : Hakobune - If It Were To Fade (out now)

The output of Japanese drone mainstay Hakobune could best be described as both heartwarming and sombre at the same time. "If It Were To Fade" follows this tradition and captures the sensation of being lost deep inside the endless distance of a great between. Album in jewelcase with 16-page booklet.

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