Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy birthday, Peter Elson!

Today is the would be 66th birthday of the iconic British science fiction illustrator Peter Elson, who together with Chris Foss must be considered one of the masters of the outrageous and colourful space themed art which flourished near the end of the late 20th century. If you like to read old sci-fi novels, chances are you have come across his works in your local used bookstore. His style has inspired many of us and it seemed only fitting to honour his legacy with an album dedicated to his art. The opportunity presented itself in the deep and futuristic music of Danish musician SecondFace. gterma are extremely proud to present this album as a belated birthday gift for all lovers of deep space travel. Happy birthday Peter, we'll be seeing you down at the spaceport!

[gterma027] : SecondFace - Vega Colony (out now)

Looking back through the first 250 years of spaceflight and terraforming, humanity is still not closer to solving the age old riddle of our cosmic origins or the true purpose of our existence. The journey must continue across new frontiers. gterma takes the help of two artists in illustrating modern life in the Vega system, one of the core colonies and located a mere 25 light years from Sol. The album is dedicated to the iconic British painter Peter Elson, whose lavish illustrations fill the 16-page booklet.

[gterma027] : SecondFace - Vega Colony by the lost gterma

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